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7 Most Economical States to Live in United States


Nebraska lies in both the Great Plains and the Midwestern United States. Its affordable housing and lower other living costs has made Nebraska valuable state to live in. Medium home rent value is $900 here whereas Median home values are around #130 according to zillow findings. Property taxes in this state are little high, 1.76%.


Kansas State is located in the Midwestern United States. It’s named after the Kansas natives how lived in this area. Living and food costs are low here so one can have bread and milk cheaper in Kansas. Housing in some areas of Kansas is so much affordable that you can get a home under $100,000 in some parts of this state. Property taxes are bit high here with median rate of 1.29%.


38th largest state by area and 16th most populous state Indiana come at number of in the least expensive states list of USA, Where median home values lies around $110,000. While property taxes here are also not so high. You can rent your home at around $800. Cost of food and grocery also low in Indiana, which is making it affordable to live in Indiana. Indianapolis and Real Estate in Indianapolis are quite low that you can use utilities in a small apartment within $150.


Oklahoma is a Midwestern U.S. state which includes Great Plains, mountains, lakes and forests in its landscape. It is also called the Sooner State. The median home value of home here are just under $109,000 with low property taxes according to zillow estimates but home rental is little high which is touching $950 for its median value. For a small apartment, utilities would cost you around $140 with gym, theater and restaurants are also cheap.


Officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky is a state located in the east south-central region of the United States. Living costs in Kentucky is lower as compared to the average states of U.S. According to Numbeo findings, the average cost of utilities for an average apartment in different cities is less than $140 and you can easily get average meal at $8 here. Home rent is around $850 here and median home values lies around $125,000. The property tax in Kentucky is low (only 0.72% median) which is a benefit.


Tennessee is a landlocked state in the U.S. Where you can find the most inexpensive housing and median value of a home lies around $120,000 here. Property taxes here are also low rate at 0.68%. Tennessee can be a best option for freelancers, veterans and people looking to work from home. You can buy a good home in some locations with three bedrooms with bathrooms around $50k to $70k in hand.


Mississippi with overall population over 3 Million, bordered with Tennessee, Alabama and Louisiana is one of the best states in U.S where cost of living, food, taxes and housing is perfect. If you are buying home in Mississippi, than low property tax and housing cost would make it affordable for you.

Median home values are around $112,000 and tax on property is only 0.52% which is lowest. There are number of other factors which make Mississippi the most favorite place to live in U.S, i.e. you can find low priced food, utilities and cheap healthcare services. Utilities for a small place can be purchased around $175 per month.

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