History of Indiana Convention Center

Background of Indiana Convention Center

Indiana Convention Center is located in downtown Indianapolis containing over 120,000 square meter of space for meetings/conventions with huge 50,000 square meter open exhibition space and almost 13,000 square meter of groups meeting space.

Its original structure was completed in 1972 and on its first opening the Indiana Convention Center had three main halls for exhibition. Its eastern portion has the large 500 ballroom; meeting rooms and other support facilities are also available.Read More »


Best Places To Live & Relocate In Indiana

Planning to relocate in Indiana? What you first need to look into is a place that is “child-friendly” and where your children can easily adjust into. We took a quick survey based upon employment because of course you will be looking into new jobs, education because your children will need new schools and quality of the city.

Here is our top 5 cities in Indiana from the survey conducted.


carmel city

Crowned as the #1 place to live in America by Money Magazine and mentioned in the list of Top 10 Best City for Kids, 2014 by Livability.com, Carmel progresses every year to retain the crown and honor it has been given.

The city is fast growing and there are many developments taking place keeping in mind that 35% of residents have children. There are many schools in nearby areas, parks and recreation places as well as malls to make it easy and comfortable for families with children.

If you are a fan of arts or your children are, then Carmel is the place you should be in. It has a Center for The Performing Arts and the community thoroughly promotes art, design and culture in their district.


downtown Indiana

Downtown of Indianapolis is known for its display of art, culture and recreational events. From extreme sports to posh food, you have it all in the bag here. Talk about museums, concert venues; this city is hub for everything. You name it.

The education system in Downtown is strong and emphasizes on providing best education to the children. Most residents here have children thus the community works in making the city safe and healthy for families.

Downtown holds many events and functions that not only allow residents for a time out from life but invites visitors from neighborhood.

Here are some upcoming events in Downtown:



One of the best cities to be in with your children if you believe in living a life of fun. Fishers is oozing with high rating schools and a strong education system. Did you know that families in Fishers can watch free movies in the fall? There is also a “Glow in the Park” that holds annual pumpkin festival. You can be sure that your children will be brought up in a safe and creative environment that promotes culture.

Crime rates in Fishers is very low so that is yet again a plus point.

Citizens of Fishers work hand in hand with the Government and vice versa which benefits everyone. Citizens take active part in the communities and have the rights and means to speak what’s on their mind. Any issue that probes threat, is a call to action by the community in charge.


Zionsville living


The residents of Zionsville idolize their city so much that they call their home town as one of the safest cities in Indiana. The town prospers with high quality of life and about 66% of the city is graduated from high school and higher.

The lifestyle in Zionsville is perfect for families. Good education system, healthy lifestyle and a hostile environment. Parents with children below the ages of 18 usually prefer Zionsville because almost half its houses have kids below the mentioned age making it a right choice to relocate to where your children can make friends and quickly adapt to their new environment.

Since, the town is children oriented, parks and recreations are one of the priorities of the city community.



Noblesville has the lowest crime rates and highest rates of employment. Families looking to relocate will find Noblesville very welcoming and “home-like.” The children can adjust easily because the city is a population of families with children.

Shopping malls, grocery shops, parks, schools and recreational centers are all within the radius making it a feasible place to live in.

The quality of air is good and the environment thus provided suits best for families.

Share Which City and State you are living and what was the reason you moved to that place ?