kitchen lighting ideas and decor

Best Ideas for Kitchen Lighting and Interior Décor

Use Multiple Lighting

The idea of using a single big light is not at all practical and attractive. You don’t want to illuminate a particular area in the kitchen. A practical and functional kitchen needs to be well lit. You do not want to lose something and look for it in the dark shadows while cooking.  Thus corners are also important so use the small bulbs along with the big focal lights and hanging fabulous chandeliers to avoid shadows in the kitchen.

Hanging Chandeliers

Lantern style handmade hanging lights and small chandeliers are best to create a whimsical kitchen lighting and decor.

Say No to Shadowy Cup Boards

Though the idea of lighting up inside of the cup boards seems quite off the track and useless but the ones who work in the kitchen and love cooking will nod in agreement on lighting the interiors of the cup boards. The small lights and bulbs can be used to light up the inside of the cup boards to find the things there easily and conveniently. Now the automatic functioning lights in the cupboards are also available that are automatically switched on and off by opening and closing the cup boards.

Wood Work Shelves

When deciding for the décor & interior lighting of the kitchen, wood work shelves are a stylish option. Exquisite pine and walnut shelves look fabulous in the illuminated and elaborated brightened kitchens, not only enhancing the overall look but also becoming useful in hanging the utensils and putting the dishes.

Using Different Fixtures

Using multiple fixtures for the kitchen establishes your kitchen as a unique one. Putting different type of fixtures like round glass pendants for the kitchen shelves and hanging lanterns for the dining table with the same color options will make your kitchen a diversified one , breaking the monotony of the same routine and adding up to the area.

Avoid Standing Fixtures

Standing fixtures are a big NO NO for the kitchen area. Though the standing fixtures compliment the living room lighting, study room and bedrooms but not convenient for the kitchen. You should always go for ceiling lights and hanging lights.

By considering these options you can make your kitchen fully functional one with a stylish look.


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