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11 THINGS you can do to INCREASE the VALUE of your HOME

Housing prices may have dropped in your neighborhood, but there are number of smart ways to invest in your home for improving its value. Cheap improvements can pay off big sometimes but they sometimes prove wrong when you don’t know which improvements would impress the buyers.

Therefore you should consult with your local Real Estate Agent or a home inspector in your neighborhood before going for improvements in your home. They will tell you what buyers in your area are looking and where you can save money.

1: Calculate the benefits of Upgrading Versus Selling

Do you want to stay or relocate? You can estimate the costs of buying a new home and also calculate the costs for little fixtures.

First, look at the cost to move to a new home then go for remodeling cost. Make sure how much it will cost you to buy a new home including cost in time, moving cost and cost of new home. After that, estimate what you will get for your previous house and how you can improve your home value.

2: Take help from an Expert

Consult with an interior designer for an hour which will be available in your neighborhood in cheap price and within 1 hour you will get some great tips to improve the look and feel of your home. These small suggested tips from a consultant including paint colors and furniture arrangements can be a good step in improving the value of your home.

3: Find inspiration

If you are not willing to hire an interior designer then you can take inspiration or ideas from Interior design oriented magazines, shows and websites as well. Write down the ideas and make list of the things you need to do for your home.

4: Create Multiple Seating Areas

Adding patio furniture can make your empty terrace a second dining room in your house. Multiple seating options can make your terrace worth of spending time here in night or when the weather behaving awesome.

5: Upgrade the kitchen

You can do a small remodeling of your kitchen by changing the paint color, painting your cabinets, adding stainless steel, changing your appliances and also by adding new tiles to the floor. Kitchen upgrade is the No.1 that gives you greatest returns.

6: Small Bathroom Updates Can gives big return

Bathroom upgrades are always helpful in increasing the value of your house even if you are not going for a full remodel, small changes can give you big returns.

People always like to feel relaxed when they are in bathroom. Upgrading it is also as much important as upgrading your kitchen. You can replace old vanity, plumbing, floor tiles and the lighting. This will be a guarantee of great increase in your house value and it will give your bathroom a modern look.

7: Improve the Air Quality inside your home

If you have older carpets in your home they might be hiding contaminants. The first thing you should do is to hire a professional company to test the indoor air of your house. If they find the quality of air inside you house is not up to the standards then go for replacing the carpets and replace them with hard surface floors. This will give your buyers a more appealing look.

8:  Shine for Everything

Shiny floors and faucets can give you instant face-lift when the buyers are visiting your home and this will cost you nothing. Choosing shiny counterparts for your bathroom accessories or replacing the old ones with new and shiny accessories can give your house a great value.

9: Paint your walls

Paint and just paint your interior and exterior, this will be the best thing to improve the value of your home for buyers. Normally a small house will require 21 Liters of paint and you can easily get interior paint and accessories around $15 per liter. A paint calculator will help you out in calculating the number of liters you need for your house.

10: Improve your garden

A well kept garden and weed free paths can increase the appeal to buyers and makes your outdoor space better. You can add a splash of colors into your garden by planting some shrubs. A well presented lawn can add a great value to your home.

11: Always take care of the little repairs

Potential buyers can be your biggest critics and they calculate the cost of little repairs in their minds while they are having a visit to your home. Most of these small repairs can be done even without investing a penny.

These jobs includes fixing drippy taps, oiling the doors and windows, repairing small dents in walls and filling the missing grout in floor tiles.


Share which improvements you can make to increase the value of your home?







2 thoughts on “11 THINGS you can do to INCREASE the VALUE of your HOME

  1. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this value able information with the readers like me.Here i found all the answers of those questions which are in my mind related to increase the value of my house because i want to sale my old house.Thanks agian.


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