9 Things you will learn while in Indianapolis

Every time you move to a new place or a new country there is a lot to learn for you about the new lifestyle, new traditions, new atmosphere and new people. Here are the 9 things that you will learn while you are staying in Indianapolis.

1: Indiana’s State Fair is the best from all

Indianapolis State Fair
Source: 365daysofinspiration

The Indiana State Fair is an annual fair, which is held every year in Indianapolis, Indiana, normally in august. The buildings of the State fair are used for number of other purposes when they are free. This is ideal example of the community-mindedness of Naptowners.

2: Reggie Miller Is Still A Legend

Reggie Miller Indianapolis

Reggie Miller is a retired American Professional basketball player, who played his entire career of 18 years with Indiana Pacers. Every fan of Indiana Pacers remembers him or heard about his precision three point shooting. He has a record of securing 8 points within 11 seconds to win over the New York Knicks in 1995.

3: The Circle Is The Center Of The City

Source: soundwordsight

Monument Circle is the first in United States dedicated to a common soldier. It is the largest of its kind in Indiana. Designed by a German architect and built on a period of 13 years. Its purpose was to honor the veterans of American Civil War. It looks beautiful when the lights are strung onto the monuments during the circle of lights.

4: You can Find Venice Romance in Indianapolis

Venice Indianapolis
Source: visitindy.com

If you are looking for a romantic evening then Venice-inspired gondola is the best place to have an Italian dinner along with a canal ride.

5: People here have all the Park Bragging Rights

Indianapolis parks

Indianapolis is a home to one of the largest parks in the country with almost 200 parks covering more than 40 square km area. The Eagle Creek Park is the largest Municipal Park in Indianapolis with 1,400 acres of water and 3,900 acres of land gives something to everyone coming here.

6: The Zoo of Indianapolis

Indianapolis Zoo

The Zoo of Indianapolis is the only institution accredited by AZA and American Alliance of Museums as Zoo, Aquarium and botanical garden. Though other cities have zoos but this one is great with almost 2,000 animals, aquarium and garden.

7: Locals Still Get Out On the Water


Canal walk is the perfect place for couples here alongside water with kayaking and pedal boating options available as well. Though the city of Indianapolis is landlocked, but locals here still pass their quality time on the water.

8: The Only Sandwiches That Matter Come From Goose The Market

Goose the Market
Source: visitindiana

Goose the Market is the best go-to place for all locals looking for delicious meats and cheeses sandwiches. These sandwiches have made the market famous all over the city.

9: Gift of Heaven

Long's bakery
Source: foodspotting

Donuts from Long’s bakery are no doubt a gift from heaven. That does not matter if they are frosted with chocolate, filled with cream or any variety of Donut, Long’s bakery is the place where you go and get them in Indianapolis.

What you have learned by living in Indianapolis ? Tell us in the comments below!


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